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Hi, I’m Kendra! I am the sole designer and founder of Seeking Alice.

I have been surrounded by fashion design my whole life. I remember my mom teaching me how to hand sew on buttons in elementary school; the sewing machine was too scary and I wouldn’t touch it! Throughout school, I always felt a calling to fashion design. I loved to have my family give me random words and I would design outfits based on them. I.e. my mom would say ‘a balloon’ and I would design a birthday party outfit.

I attended the Art Institute of Seattle, then Sanford Brown College with the goal of graduating with a degree in fashion design. Finally, in November of 2016, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design.

The idea for Seeking Alice started with my love (obsession) of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale, Alice in Wonderland. The witty words of Carroll’s tale keeps me giggling and on my toes. Alice inspires me to stay curious and never be afraid to attempt what seems impossible.

Seeking Alice customers do the same. We don’t take a simple no for an answer, we are strong, but we are always listening with open ears, and learning how to adapt to the fast-paced world around us. Seeking Alice is a ‘ready-to-sportswear’ brand that creates multi-functional pieces that seamlessly integrate into any existing wardrobe. Known for unique color and texture combinations, we create functional looks with strong dimension and visual impact.


Seeking Alice Resume:

Seattle Style Night, Seattle, WA | 10/16/2017

RAW Showcase, Seattle, WA | 09/07/2017

Goodwill Design Challenge, Seattle, WA | 09/23/2016

AMDEF Variety Show, Seattle, WA | 04/29/2016

Chance Fashion Spring/Summer, Seattle, WA | 04/09/2016

RAW Showcase, Seattle, WA | 03/31/2016

WSRA Recycle Fashion Show, Spokane, WA | 05/15/2016