ABOUT THE DESIGNER: I’m Kendra, the designer, founder, and creator, of Seeking Alice. I have been surrounded by fashion my whole life; with a grandmother and mother who I grew up watching sew, it was only natural to be in the industry. I graduated from Sanford Brown College in November of 2016 with my Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design. I currently work at the Amazon headquarters in Downtown Seattle as a Fashion Specialist.

ABOUT SEEKING ALICE: Seeking Alice is a ‘ready-to-streetwear’ brand that creates versatile pieces that are able to integrate into any existing wardrobe. All pieces are designed, patterned, and sewn in the Seeking Alice studio, located in Tacoma, WA. Seeking Alice is fueled by my obsession with Lewis Carroll’s classic tales, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass. The witty words of Carroll’s tale inspire me to be innovative and push my boundaries as a streetwear designer. His words paint a picture that I create through the use of bold colors, odd texture combinations, and hidden surprises.


Kill the Katwalk, Lakewood, WA | 06/23/2018

Seattle Style Night, Seattle, WA | 10/16/2017

     -Finalist in the ‘Lifestyle Apparel’ category

RAW Showcase: Fixate, Seattle, WA | 09/07/2017

Goodwill Design Challenge, Seattle, WA | 09/23/2016

AMDEF Variety Show, Seattle, WA | 04/29/2016

Chance Fashion Spring/Summer Show, Seattle, WA | 04/09/2016

RAW Showcase: Signature, Seattle, WA | 03/31/2016

WSRA Recycle Fashion Show, Spokane, WA | 05/15/2015


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